Secondary Brand Identity
Part of my first tasks when taking over as Creative Director was establishing brand guidelines for future marketing and identity purposes. In the process, I, along with a creative team, found a primary serif and sans serif to be used in all marketing materials for consistency. During this exploration I created the 'btw' and 'Love, btw" secondary logo/branding for By the Way Bakery. This identity has now been used across the board in  merchandising, social media posts, and marketing materials. 

The idea behind 'btw' / 'Love, btw' is to lean into the vintage, good-neighbor aspect of the By the Way; meant to serve as a less formal, and warm welcome to our customers and friends. 

Packaging and Labels

All By the Way packaging must incorporate an OK Kosher certified sticker stating that our product is indeed Pareve. This opportunity lead  to the above sticker designs, which flipped the previously dull, purely utilitarian, labels, and created a riff on the By the Way hangtag logo for uniquely BTW branded warning/informational labels.

All By the Way Bakery locations have been outfitted with a rubber stamper to use on our single-item, sandwich bags. This rubber stamper includes the new 'btw' brand identity, and adds to the vintage revival aesthetic of our branding. 


Love, BTW is a secondary logo and identity for the By the Way brand. It embodies the kind, friendly neighbor pathos of our identity, and can be found in merchandising as well as our Instagram posts all signed "Love, BTW". 

The By the Way Bakery bistro mug is a large signifier of the metamorphosis of the identity. The use of the 'btw' logo on a bistro mug was part of the intentional lean into our vintage revival flare. It also serves as part of the new secondary brand identity.

The "Love, btw" pin.

Social Media Posts
The By the Way social media presence on Instagram is marked by the signature, vintage food photography inspired, solid color backgrounded posts; along with the By the Way hangtag serving as a physical watermark and branding opportunity when reposting runs its course, and the signed "Love, BTW" for the brands voice to come through on every post.
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